Published Books

Steven Spielberg: A Life in Films
by Molly Haskell
Publication date:
January 3, 2017

"With sharp observations and wise judgments, the author discusses her subject's work with sprightly, accessible prose....Compact, incisive, and witty—a great starting point for those interested in Spielberg...

Moses: A Human Life
by Avivah Zornberg
Publication date:
November 22, 2016

"A rich, erudite study of Moses... Readers are introduced to nuanced yet eye-opening new views and interpretations of otherwise familiar texts.... A meaty, worthwhile biography by a great interpreter of...

Louis D. Brandeis: American Prophet
by Jeffrey Rosen
Publication date:
June 1, 2016

Mr. Rosen persuasively makes his case that recognizing Brandeis as an 'American prophet' 'seems more important today than ever.'"
--Adam Cohen, New York Times

Disraeli: The Novel Politician
by David Cesarani
Publication date:
April 26, 2016

“This groundbreaking biography is a passionate and stimulating account of Disraeli as both man and myth. --Bryan Cheyette, author of Diasporas of the Mind

Barbra Streisand:Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power
by Neal Gabler
Publication date:
April 26, 2016

"[A] trim, insightful Streisand meta-biography...."--Alexander C. Kafka, LA Review of Books

Groucho Marx: The Comedy of Existence
by Lee Siegel
Publication date:
January 12, 2016

"A luminous delight... A true page-turner and a lot of fun. [Siegel] applies his own philosophical acuity to the personal and socio-political aspects of Groucho’s life."--Shon Arieh-Lerer, Slate...

Proust: The Search
by Benjamin Taylor
Publication date:
October 27, 2015

"Benjamin Taylor’s Proust is a marvel of brief biography, reanimating the hapless, almost Chaplinesque figure who by all logic should never have accomplished what he did." New York Times Book Review...

Peggy Guggenheim: The Shock of the Modern
by Francine Prose
Publication date:
September 2, 2015

“Lively, complex, and inclined to shock, Guggenheim (1898–1979), the modern art collector, emerges as the embodiment of the age in Prose’s judicious biography.”—Publishers Weekly

Léon Blum: Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist
by Pierre Birnbaum
Publication date:
May 26, 2015

"Brief, eloquent ....A valuable introduction and guide to one of the most important, if overlooked, figures in the history of modern France and, indeed, modern Europe."-- New Republic

Albert Einstein: His Space and Times
by Steven Gimbel
Publication date:
April 28, 2015

“With graceful lucidity, Gimbel illuminates the intensely personal challenges facing the great physicist.”—Booklist, Starred Review

Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel
by Annie Cohen-Solal
Publication date:
March 9, 2015

“[A] tightly focused, profoundly clarifying biography . . . A defining and affecting tribute to a modern master.”—Booklist, starred review

Ben-Gurion: Father of Modern Israel
by Anita Shapira
Publication date:
November 25, 2014

"I read this fascinating book with both intellectual and emotional thrill.”—Amos Oz, author of A Tale of Love and Darkness

Leonard Bernstein: An American Musician
by Allen Shawn
Publication date:
September 30, 2014

"A nearly impossible task, recording this lush life, but Shawn helps us comprehend the magic."--Kirkus Reviews

David: The Divided Heart
by David Wolpe
Publication date:
September 15, 2014

"A portrait of David that is vibrant and nuanced, full of the complications that marked his life."--Jewish Week

Becoming Freud: The Making of a Psychoanalyst
by Adam Phillips
Publication date:
May 27, 2014

"Telling a great story gracefully and with the clarity it deserves... Phillips demonstrates that Freud remains central to the urgent questions of modernism..."—Robert Pinsky

Jabotinsky: A Life
by Hillel Halkin
Publication date:
May 27, 2014

In his engaging and intelligent biography, Hillel Halkin...lluminates Jabotinsky's multifaceted nature..."--Douglas Feith, Wall Street Journal