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David  The Divided Heart Preview
September 15, 2014
184 P.,

David: The Divided Heart

by David Wolpe

Of all the figures in the Bible, David arguably stands out as the most perplexing and enigmatic. He was many things: a warrior who subdued Goliath and the Philistines; a king who united a nation; a poet who created beautiful, sensitive verse; a loyal servant of God who proposed the great Temple and founded the Messianic line; a schemer, deceiver, and adulterer who freely indulged his very human appetites.

David Wolpe, whom Newsweek called “the most influential rabbi in America,” takes a fresh look at biblical David in an attempt to find coherence in his seemingly contradictory actions and impulses. The author questions why David holds such an exalted place in history and legend, and then proceeds to unravel his complex character based on information found in the book of Samuel and later literature. What emerges is a fascinating portrait of an exceptional human being who, despite his many flaws, was truly beloved by God.

Feature Review: 

"A portrait of David that is vibrant and nuanced, full of the complications that marked his life."--Jewish Week

David Wolpe’s fascination with his namesake brings to life in stunning clarity why King David is the most beloved man in the Bible, and why Wolpe defends “the stubborn integrity of the divided heart.”--Moment Magazine

"A sensitive and utterly unsparing reading of the most attractive and least edifying character in the Hebrew Bible."
“A lovely book (whose) power is in its artistry.”—Walter Brueggemann, Christian Century

"This is an excellent study of the most fascinating character in the Old Testament."—Wall Street Journal

"Engaging . . . Wolpe’s often-surprising asides and examples illustrate how the story echoes throughout our culture . . . Boring has no place in David’s story, or in this lively and thoughtful appreciation of that story."—Los Angeles Review of Books --Jack Miles

"A portrait of David that is vibrant and nuanced, full of the complications that marked his life."--Jewish Week

"How can a man who murders his lover's husband in order to cover up an adulterous affair be fit to be king? . . . Wolpe gently and gracefully explores the many facets—king, sinner, father, lover, and husband, among others—that together create David's outsized personality . . . In the end, the author observes, contemporary readers identify with David so well because he is full of contradictions, and he is great because of this complexity, not in spite of it."—Publishers Weekly

David Wolpe

David Wolpe

Rabbi David Wolpe is the leader of the Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, the largest Conservative congregation west of the Mississippi River. He is the author of seven books, including the national best-seller Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.


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